The Recovery Room: News beyond the pandemic — November 6

The Recovery Room: News beyond the pandemic — November 6

Written by Tim Snaith on November 6, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has dominated the headlines and our daily lives for most of this year. Medical News Today have covered this fast-moving, complex story with live updates on the latest news, interviews with experts, and an ongoing investigation into the deep racial disparities that COVID-19 has helped unmask.

However, this has not stopped us from publishing hundreds of fascinating stories on a myriad of other topics.

We start this week with the latest installment in our Medical Myths series, this time taking a close look at vegetarian and vegan diets, quickly followed by news of a discovery that reveals why consuming more red meat increases the risk of cancer. Both articles proved highly popular this week, in a climate where plant-based diets are definitely on the menu.

Next, we examine another curiosity of medicine, the shocking response some people have when confronted with great works of art. And it seems the effect that experience might have on your heart could be undone by following a ketogenic diet — more on that below.

Finally, we look at the benefits of sunlight (and what to do if it’s in short supply), deep dive into the different types of memory, and look at how the United States Air Force hope to boost their personnels’ cognitive performance with a supplement-packed energy drink.

Below are 10 recent stories that you may have missed amid all the COVID-19 fervor.


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