The Recovery Room: News beyond the pandemic — March 5

The Recovery Room: News beyond the pandemic — March 5

Written by Tim Snaith on March 5, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic dominated the headlines and our daily lives for most of the past year. Medical News Today have covered this fast-moving, complex story with live updates on the latest news, interviews with experts, and an ongoing investigation into the deep racial disparities that COVID-19 has helped unmask.

However, this has not stopped us from publishing hundreds of fascinating stories on a myriad of other topics.

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March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month, so we begin this week by busting some common misconceptions about MS, which is a chronic condition that affects more than 2 million people around the globe.

Next, we look at the dangers of consuming too much fructose and too many refined carbohydrates, and we investigate which occupations are most likely to be associated with heavy drinking.

We also have news of two novel treatments for diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Both studies were in mice, but the results may open up interesting avenues for research in the future.

Finally, we have articles on the benefits of aerobic exercise in older age, the advantages of biofeedback for mental health, and how to let go of the past.


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