New conference explores the impact of hemp-based products on animal health

New conference explores the impact of hemp-based products on animal health

Apr 2 2021

Hemp and CBD are hot topics in the front room, on the front page and across the nation. For those involved in agricultural production, food and animal sciences, and veterinary medicine, the root question is how do hemp-based products impact animal health? This topic and others like it will be explored at the 2021 Hemp Products and Animal Health Conference, hosted by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture.

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With support from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the conference aims to provide an opportunity for a national audience to learn from leading experts in current science, address knowledge gaps and identify opportunities for future collaboration in the hemp and animal health research and education spheres.

Conference topics include the current status of hemp in agriculture; including hempseed in animal feed; hemp industry and government policy; measuring product quality; and physiological, toxicological and health impacts of CBD on animal health.

Scheduled for May 18-19, the conference will be presented online. More information about scheduled sessions, including speaker biographies and abstracts, is available at More than twenty experts from the fields of veterinary medicine, animal feeds, food science, toxicology, clinical nutrition and hemp use are slated to lead sessions.


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